BYO_Mixers_Hero_V2 by Lauren Cullumber

We are Backyard Original Mixers, but you can call us Carl and Seth, and we are here to serve you.  2020 was rough, to say the least.  We’ve seen our industry shuttered and our careers put on pause while everyone around us struggled to find some of the most basic household staples like toilet paper and tequila.


As professional bartenders, we’ve seen some things that no bartender should have to see; gin and diet? Seen it. Captain and water? No thank you, but it happened! So, with a great deal of concern for our friends and neighbors and the experience needed to right these wrongs, we took heed of something we’ve read in comics: “With great power comes great responsibility. “


And so it was that we took our 20 plus combined years in the cocktail business (in other words, your friendly neighborhood bartenders) and set to work fighting hard to keep our friends safe from room temperature shots of rail vodka during this time of crisis.  In the beginning we sold made-to-order syrups in mason jars throughout our South Philadelphia neighborhood; delivered by our crack delivery team of…These Guys.


We quickly upgraded to making tags for said mason jars, formalized a menu and called our new enterprise “Mixers by These Guys”.  It was successful, we quickly bought out all of the mason jars in Philadelphia and South Jersey (not an exaggeration), and officially had a new business doing the job we love.


Our philosophy is pretty simple. We make the same high quality syrups and mixers that we would make if you were sitting at our bar, but now you can take them home and make the drinks you like the way you like them!


What’s that? You don't know what to do with them? Well, if you were at our bar we'd tell you the answer, but since that's not on the table right now, the answer is simple: call us.


That's why we put the phone number on the bottle. If we don't answer, leave a voicemail and we'll call you back. Don't want to call? Send us an email, we're easy. We believe that the bartender's job is to make their guests look good, and that's what we expect from our products.


We don't want to be the center of attention at your party. We want to be the radioactive spider that bites you. When you are using Backyard Original Mixers (BYO) you’re the beverage hero, and we want you to drink your drinks the way that works for you.


This past year has sucked, but that doesn’t mean that your drinks should too!


Sláinte & Prost,

Seth & Carl