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Our Favorites

A rotating assortment of syrups that we enjoy cocktailing with and we think you’ll enjoy them too…


Classic Cocktails

Syrups made with specific classic cocktails in mind!


Tea Syrups

Our blended tea syrups are designed to let you get creative - concoct your own signature cocktail with our syrups!


Hey there! What can we get for you?

We're the original "These Guys" - Carl & Seth - bartenders with high standards and thirsty friends!

We've been good friends since 2010 through mutual friends and the restaurant industry - a little bit Midwest, a little bit East Coast. We come from different backgrounds and we're personality opposites, but we've worked well together for the last 8 years and have no intention of stopping.

When this pandemic hit, we decided we could still make our friends and regulars happy at home, and started cooking up mixers. Because no one should have to suffer with a sub-par cocktail, especially when you're making them at home!

Please reach out if you have any questions or just miss talking to your neighborhood bartenders. And now that we ship nation-wide, we're always in your neighborhood! Check us out on social media to stay connected with all our latest mixers, recipes, and general hijinks.

We were here for you before and we’re here for you now.

Sláinte & Prost,

Seth & Carl

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